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Why you should register your trademark?

If you do not register your trademark, you not only could not prevent others from making unfair profits over your investments, but also your investments could be put at great risk with the claim that it provides unfair profits. As Markacell Patent Inc. we are with you as a family for your Beylikdüzü Patent, Hadımköy patent transactions.

We are proud of the fact that companies in Beylikdüzü, Hadımköy, Çorlu, Silivri and Esenyurt have been actively branded and patented by Markacell Patent for years.

If you would like to receive special quality and special boutique services for you, please contact us on 0212 782 11 11.

You can also contact us via online request forms located on our website, as well as via telephone, and you can apply online. Markacell Patent Inc., serving you with its expert staff and offering different alternatives, involving in the formation and growth of your brand with its 15 years of experience, concludes "Unfair Competition with the registration of your mark.